Kalamazoo Startup Week

November 13–20, 2015

About Startup Week

A weekend is no longer enough.

Momentum in the Kalamazoo startup community continues to build and the density of startups and tech companies in our city is ever expanding. As a result StartupWeekend, an event for new entrepreneurs to try out entrepreneurship is no longer enough. Our Community has progressed. Many of the Startup Weekend alums from Kalamazoo’s 4 years with that program have gone on to start, scale, and sell their startups. Relationships have been built, mentors and doers have connected, and now we need more room to showcase their stories.

We have expanded to a full week of startup events celebrating the growing businesses AND new ideas in Kalamazoo.

If you are ready for the first taste of entrepreneurship, a seasoned entrepreneur with a thriving enterprise, or a support of entrepreneurs and startups come join us as we celebrate the great things happening in Kalamazoo.

Events Schedule

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